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Article Listmore>>

  • On Quine’s Indeterminacy of Translation/ XIAO Xian
  • The Realization of Aesthetic Value in Translation: A Comparative Study of Classical Chinese Poetry Translation/ YI Lan
  • Cross-language Construal in Translation ——Some Comments on the Translation of an Episode of A Dream of Red Mansions/ DONG Baohua ZHANG Yubo
  • A Critical Hierarchy for Translating Rhyme: Chinese—English, English—Chinese / ZHAO Yanchun
  • Chinese Classic Poetry Translation ——Discussion about Several Basic Questions from the Perspective of Relevance Theory/ LI Weichao
  • On English Translation of the First Chapter of Tao Te Ching under Relevance Theory / JIANG Huiwen
  • A Reductionist Approach to the Translation of Chapter One of Tao Te Ching/ YU Hang
  • Autonomy in Poetry Translation from Chinese to English——Comparison and Analysis of Two English Versions of Shi Jing (Excerpt)/ ZHU Yumin
  • A New Standard for Poetry Translation Criticism——A Case Study of Three English Versions of Three Word Primer/ WANG Xian 
For any questions about the style sheet requirements or something else, please contact translatingchina@126.com or call 022-23264004.
The Second Conference on Criticisms of Western Translation Theories in Conjunction with the Conference on Translating China
Academic exchanges: The Famous Screenwriter Lu Wei Delivered Speech in Our School
Translating China, an English quarterly, is a peer-reviewed international forum devoted to a priori...
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  • WANG Mingyu


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Editorial Board

  • Director: WANG Kefei

Members (in alphabetical order) CAI Xinle (Nanjing University):

  • GU Mengxuan (National Chengchi University)
  • HUANG Zhonglian (Heilongjiang University)
  • HU Zongfeng (Northwest University)
  • TIAN Hailong(Tianjin Foreign Studies University)
  • V.K.Kapoor (MERI-CET, India)
  • WANG Hong (Suzhou University)
  • YANG Bingjun (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • ZENG Taiyuan (Soochow University)
  • ZHANG Shangguan (National Chengchi University)

Executive Editor

  • WANG Jiayin

Assistant editors

  • WANG Ruohan
  • ZHANG Xiuxiu
  • WANG Ying
  • ZHANG Feifei
  • YUAN Peiyi
  • YAO Lei


About Journal

Translating China, an English quarterly, is a peer-reviewed international forum devoted to a priori reflective thinking of translation theories and application of current translation theories into the fields of interest,with the special purpose of translating China to the world.To satisfy the tenets,the journal is interested infour major areas: Theorizing Translation, Translation Criticism, Applied Research of Translation,andClassic Translations. Its readership comprises translators, translation theorists, general linguists and specialists in languages and cultures.....More

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Translating China, an English quarterly journal, is co-managed by Foreign Language, Literature & Culture Center, Tianjin Foreign Studies University and Quality & Life Pty, Australia. It is a peer-reviewed international forum devoted to a priori reflective thinking of translation theories and application of current translation theories into the fields of interest, to be specific,...More